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Who we are

We specialise in the analysis of complex problems to enable you to make informed investment decisions and deliver effective projects on time and within budget.

We are an independent consultancy delivering success through our core skills in Operational Analysis, Cost Engineering, Systems Engineering, P3M and Investment Appraisal.

Our growing team is made up of experienced technical experts who come from different sectors and disciplines, enabling us to provide a multidisciplinary approach to helping you achieve a successful outcome. 

What we do

Sirius Analysis provides technical expertise to projects across defence, space, nuclear, energy and sustainability. 

We are a member of numerous Government frameworks for the delivery of our services, delivering innovative solutions as an agile organisation built on the expertise of our experienced practitioners.



Energy & Sustainability



News And Insights

Welcome to the Sirius team Amy, Mike, Jaydy & Stephen

Welcome to the Sirius team Alexander Hotten, James Francis-Jones, Nicola Scott and James Macrae

Welcome to the Sirius team Lara Rumford, Sally Lloyd, Sue Hewish, Jon Clark and Robert Smale.

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