David Bangert – Director 

David  is one of our founding directors and has accumulated more than 25 years’ experience in the leadership, management and execution of Government projects. He has an up-to-date understanding of HMT guidance on Business Case development, and has spent the past 10 years leading the approvals for, and development of the Value for Money (VfM) cases, for some of the largest and highest profile Government projects, in the range of £’00Ms to £10Bn+.

David has expertise in Operational Research and has used this to develop analysis programmes to support the assessment of VfM for nuclear and defence projects. He has particular expertise in the design and facilitation of structured workshops to develop benefits, opportunities and costs (financial and non-financial), combining qualitative and quantitative techniques to drive cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis.

David has led innovative research projects, successfully delivered studies into future energy security, defence inflation, recycling and re-use and rapid manufacturing techniques for UK Government and industry, and has delivered successful outcomes for Head Office, DE&S, ISS, Dstl and the Defence Industry.

With a keen interest in history, in December 2020, David was awarded a military history doctorate from the University of Portsmouth.

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