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We understand how to build a compelling business case to ensure successful approval.

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Sirius Analysis P3M services

We have hands-on experience of developing and submitting successful business cases for the UK Government.  We understand how to build compelling cases to ensure the successful approval of investments to develop equipment, services or technology. 


Using our knowledge of the HMT Green Book, we can draft, develop and review all aspects of the 5-case model.


Our Approach

  • Treating the five cases as a coherent whole.  Gathering consistent evidence to underpin the strategic, economic, financial, commercial and management cases
  • Consistent engagement with approving authorities, including assurance and scrutiny, throughout the development of the Business Case
  • Building concise, well-written business cases with a compelling narrative which elucidates the need, scope, potential solution, and deliverability of the proposed investment
  • Working rapidly and flexibly to deliver business cases, which are often subject to intense time pressure
  • Ensuring successful approval through consistent stakeholder engagement and effective leadership


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The Benefits

Sirius has extensive experience of delivering successful business cases for investments ranging up to £Billions. Leveraging this expertise provides our clients with the confidence that submissions to approving authorities will be successful.

We have in-depth capability in using project management, analysis and evaluation tools to generate coherent and well-documented evidence to support business cases.  We have the necessary expertise in-house in benefits analysis, operational analysis cost engineering, P3M and commercial evaluation, all undertaken in line with the HMT Green, Aqua and Magenta Books.

We have delivered successful Strategic Outline Cases (SOCs), Outline Business Cases (OBCs) and Full Business Cases (FBCs) for Government customers.  We understand the different levels of evidence required to ensure success at every stage in the investment cycle.

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