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From software engineering to autonomous systems, simulation and AI, we can provide bespoke digital solutions for your project.

Business Case Development

Cost Engineering

Operational Analysis

Systems Engineering


We provide bespoke, robust and high-performance software to meet and exceed user requirements. We specialise in Software Engineering, Modelling & Simulation, Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Synthetic Environments, and AI & Machine Learning (ML). 

Our team is independent of any vendor software, adaptable and highly skilled, with a range of specialities to ensure that the right techniques are used to solve your problem. 

Our Digital Services

Software Engineering. Providing bespoke, robust and high performance software that is tailored to your needs.

Software M&S. 15+ years of experience in 3D software engineering, including technical leadership in the industry.

Robotics and autonomous systems. Leveraging our experience to deliver software solutions which meet client’s needs, achievable and timely.

Synthetic Environments. The design and development of ‘Human In the Loop’ Virtual Synthetic Environments to support the training and analysis of various applications. 

AI and Machine Learning. We specialise in strategic intelligence, generative AI, predictive analytics, operational efficiency and contextual comprehension.


Energy & Sustainability



The Benefits

Bespoke, robust and high performance software. Tailored to your needs.

Clearances. A UK national, Security Cleared team with experience delivering Software Engineering services and Modelling and Simulation support to the Defence sector.

Understanding at the speed of a machine. Software models can work at up to 125,000 times quicker than the human brain, this enables a quicker understanding at a lower cost. 

Edge compute. Whilst cloud computing grows in popularity, Defence and Robotics still requires fast and efficient computation on constrained hardware in adverse conditions.

Experienced team. With a range of specialities and experience across different sectors, we can pinpoint the right resources to solve your problem.

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