Sirius are delighted to announce that Martyn Anthony, Gary Kelly, Ian Tripp, Alex Barry, Stewart Jeenes, Jamie Smith and Aakrish Sethi have joined the team.

Martyn Anthony is an experienced defence economist who advised a number of high profile multi-billion-pound procurements for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), such as Skynet, Dreadnought, and the Complex Weapon Portfolio. He has a deep understanding of the development of options for appraisal, and the HMT Green/Magenta Book analytical processes project teams across government need to undertake to ensure successful delivery to optimise VfM (Value for Money). Experienced in the options filter framework and Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methods to help projects analyse and select cost-effective options.

Martyn is also a tender evaluation expert, helping to write guidance and taking lectures in the MOD, his application has helped delivery teams to achieve best VfM through the bidding process, and he has successfully advised several high value tenders. He also led a policy analysis programme that monetised the economic impact of defence to the UK economy as highlighted in the 2022 RUSI lecture by the UK Chief of Defence Staff. During this programme he led on the development of novel econometric techniques that helped to solve a problem that peers felt was a difficult challenge. This analysis also included developing scenarios for evaluation on defences operational economic impact, as well as highlighting the social value benefit of Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA).  

Gary Kelly is joining as a Senior Consultant. He is a manufacturing and cost engineering professional with 25+ years’ experience within various quality critical industries including aerospace, energy, medical devices and defence.

Ian Tripp is joining as a Principal Consultant. He has thoroughly enjoyed many years working in the Defence and Stabilisation environments. He has experience with UN and UK missions in sub–Saharan Africa, as well as being a Logistics Advisor within African Union Headquarters and on their field operations. He spent several years contributing to European Union stabilisation efforts in various Balkan countries and has developed a deep affection for the region. His NATO experience as part of the Train, Advise, Assist programme in support of the Afghan government lead him to both US Command and NATO HQ positions examining contemporary technology, equipment, training and educational support solutions for various nations and regions.

Experienced in rapid capability delivery, and the related infrastructure requirements, Ian has worked with academia and industry examining methodologies and emerging technologies with which to accelerate development and fielding of new facilities and equipment whilst mindful of diminishing global supplies of raw materials and the need to minimise environmental footprint. Ian is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation and the Chartered Institute of Management.

Alex Barry joins as Finance Manager. A Chartered Certified Accountant, Alex brings over 20 years’ experience of accounting and finance from a wide range of businesses and has a depth of knowledge around financial reporting. She has a particular understanding of financial processes and controls from her auditing days.

Stewart Jeenes joins the team as a Consultant. He has ten years of Finance experience, five years working in industry as a Management Accountant and five years working at the MoD as Finance Manager and Cost Estimator.

Jamie Smith joins as a Consultant. He graduated from the University of Surrey in 2017 with a 1st Class Masters Degree in Physics.  After initially working in the education sector as a Science Teacher, Jamie gained several years of experience at QinetiQ working on a range of test and evaluation programmes, direct research initiatives, and off-site and overseas technical trials in the Radio Frequency Physics Effects space.  He has gained competency in signal analysis, RF propagation modelling and a range of scientific and industry regulatory requirements.  During his degree, he also spent a year working at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) on novel methods of alpha particle detection of interest to nuclear security.

Aakrish Sethi recently graduated from the University of Warwick where he completed his Masters Degree in Systems Engineering. In his final year Aakrish took charge as the Systems Lead to design and develop an autonomous electric go-kart. To make the vehicle self-driving, he worked with technologies, like Python, computer vision and neural networks. Aakrish finds pleasure in leisure activities such as playing badminton with friends and pursuing his passion for cooking, baking and travelling.

Welcome to the team everyone!

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