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Our Directors are highly experienced practitioners who have delivered successful outcomes for Defence projects.  They have built up Sirius Analysis to deliver services in Operational Analysis (OA), cost analysis, Systems Engineering and P3M to the UK MOD, Defence industry and NATO.

Through evidence-based analysis we help our clients improve the operational effectiveness of Defence systems, platforms and services, and ensure that they deliver Value for Money.

Our Approach

We have a multi-disciplinary team of experienced practitioners, including ex MoD and service personnel, which ensures that we understand the needs of your Defence project.

  • We understand.

    Our team has the knowledge to understand that Defence projects have own unique challenges, including the constraints of security, operating environments and legacy systems.

  • We listen. We have built our reputation through our ability to understand every detail of a project, and deliver analysis and solutions based on its objectives. We do this through listening and asking questions, to understand your needs, stakeholders and desired outcomes.
  • We know that sometimes things change.  We are an agile organisation and believe a collaborative approach works best, allowing us to stay close to the project, and to mitigate risks early in the process.


Energy & Sustainability



The Benefits

Our team have all of the necessary clearances that you would expect with an organisation that’s been built on delivering analysis, systems engineering and P3M services to the defence sector.

We have an extensive network across the British Armed Forces and NATO and are trusted suppliers to MOD and Defence Digital.

We promote cross-service collaboration with our in house capabilities, providing innovative solutions to often complex and sensitive challenges.

We use data driven insights, using a number of techniques including simulation and modelling, to ensure operational effectiveness is delivered in real world situations.

Work with Sirius Analysis

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