March 2022

Sirius are delighted to announce Matt Summers and Jan Musson have joined the Sirius team. Matt joins as a Principal Consultant and Jan as an Accounts Manager.

Matt has 20 years’ experience as a systems engineer in Government, Academia, and Industry having previously worked for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) as a Group Principal for Complex Capability Analysis and at Cranfield University as Senior Lecturer in Applied Systems Engineering. Specialising in the complex and often counter-intuitive behaviour of enterprises and complex socio-economic-technical systems, he focuses on understanding and solving the most complex of enterprise systems and technology management problems where approaches rooted purely in traditional disciplines are not enough for the realities of the 21st Century, necessitating the development and application of innovative interdisciplinary methods.

Matt delivers projects across the systems engineering lifecycle including concept and requirements definition, system design and architecting, and verification & validation, and has done this for customers across UK and International Governments and Industry across both the Defence and Civil sectors. This is complemented by skills and experience in fields spanning complex technology acquisition, procurement, and management, systems analysis, and interdisciplinary problem solving.

Jan started her career as a Personal Assistant to new acquisitions at a large convenience store head office, but found more enjoyment in figures. She changed careers in her late 20’s and worked to become AAT certified while also caring for her two children. Since then, she has accumulated over 30 years’ experience as an Accountant having worked for a wide variety of industries.

Welcome to the team Matt and Jan!

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