Sirius Digital is a new subsidiary of Sirius Analysis, expanding Sirius’ capability to include Software Engineering Services to provide solutions to the complex software challenges faced by the UK Defence sector and beyond.


In 2023 Sirius Digital is forming a new team under the technical leadership of Director, Mark Malinowski, who brings over 15 years of experience as a software engineering consultant and Tech Lead in the industry.

Sirius Digital aims to provide bespoke, robust and high-performance software that will meet and exceed user requirements. We specialise in Software Modelling & Simulation, Sirius staff have historically completed projects involving:

Robotics and Autonomous Systems: including optimised route planning, both on live platforms, real-time and faster than real-time simulations of multi-agent autonomous systems in the Land and Maritime domains.

Mixed Integer Linear Programming and Monte Carlo Optimisation: including techniques to optimise the daily scheduling of offshore windfarm support vessels, providing preventative and reactive maintenance over month long planning horizons.

Synthetic Environments: Including the design and development of ‘Human In the Loop’ Virtual Synthetic Environments to support Training and Analysis in various applications across Defence.

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