My personal experience of starting at Sirius

As we are a growing team I thought it would be useful to share my experience of my first few weeks to give anyone thinking of joining an idea of what it’s like to work for Sirius.

Firstly I can’t believe that it’s been over three weeks since my first day already.

Starting a new role is always daunting and having never worked in the defence sector before I was even more nervous. One thing that I found helpful was that my new manager invited me in for a tour ahead of starting – this meant that I got to meet some of the wider team and was able to get my bearings of Sirius HQ before day one.

My first week

The first week in a new role can be intense – new people, new systems, new products and services to get your head around – so for me having some of my diary already planned out with essential onboarding processes and a great company overview (thanks HR) and then space to absorb everything and work out what I needed to do to get started was really important.

After a warm welcome from everyone in the office, much of my first day was spent with various support services like HR and IT ensuring they had all of the necessary information from me (bank details for payroll is very important!) I then spent time with my new manager to discuss the role, our ways of working and talk through some key priorities.

Coming into an organisation who hadn’t previously had a marketing function I’ve found that everyone has been really welcoming and freely given me their time to chat through what each of the different departments does. This has allowed me to absorb everything and start to get to grips with different peoples communication styles and the company culture.

One thing that I really like is that none of the directors or senior leadership team are closed away, they sit in the open plan office with the wider team. This means that when you have a question you can get an answer pretty quickly – it makes for a very open environment.

The culture

As a working parent of young children I need a little flexibility in order to be part of drop offs and collections, switching homeworking and in the office working days during school holidays etc and it’s great that Sirius with its focus on inclusion, equity and diversity supports me in both my role as Marketing Manager and Mummy.  

What’s next?

I’m looking forward to meeting the whole team this month at our company away day and being able to bring my marketing experience to support Sirius to grow. 

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