D-Day 80th Anniversary Portsmouth

June 6th 1944 changed history forever.

D-Day was the largest air, sea and land operation in history with almost 7,000 Navy vessels and 11,590 allied aircraft involved. It’s also probably the one day from history most featured on screen.

Today D-Day is about commemorating those who lost their lives and celebrating the heroism shown by those who were involved.

2024 signifies the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings and as part of the celebrations we’re supporting Portsmouth City Council and the D-Day Museum to help share the story with more people.

Our sponsorship is helping to bring the story of D-Day to school children during 2024 and allowing them to participate in various learning experiences at the museum. This will give these children an understanding through personal accounts both of what happened on June 6th and the Battle of Normandy and to discover more about how the plan was forged between the allied nations.

We are also sponsoring the pop-up museums which will appear across the city’s libraries throughout the year allowing the local community to understand the part that Portsmouth played in the D-Day landings.

We look forward to taking part in wider 80th anniversary events throughout the year and will be marking the anniversary ourselves when we get together as a team during summer.

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